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Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods

Redwood City, California, United States

Industry: Food Industry

Region: US 🇺🇸

Founded: 2011

Expected Valuation: $10 billion

IPO Date: 2023 (expected)

Impossible Foods, Inc.

Key Company Facts

HeadquartersRedwood City, US
SectorFood Industry
IndustryPlant-Based Meat Substitues
FoundersPatrick O. Brown
Number of employees568
IPO Date2023 (expected)
Number of investors56
Total funding$19 billion USD
Valuation estimate$10 billion USD

Company Overview & History

Impossible Foods is a leading food technology company that specializes in creating plant-based alternatives to traditional animal-based products.

The company was founded in 2011 by Dr. Patrick O. Brown, a former Stanford University professor and renowned biochemist. The mission of Impossible Foods is to provide consumers with sustainable and delicious alternatives to animal products, while also addressing the environmental impact of animal agriculture.

Financial Performance

Since its inception, Impossible Foods has experienced impressive growth and financial success. The company’s innovative approach and focus on creating high-quality plant-based products have resonated with consumers around the world.

As a result, Impossible Foods has secured significant investments and partnerships with prominent players in the food industry. Their products, such as the Impossible Burger, have gained widespread popularity and are now available in numerous restaurants and retail locations globally.

The company’s financial performance reflects this success, with consistent revenue growth and a strong market presence.


YearRevenue (USD)
2013$10 million
2014$75 million
2015$120 million
2016$185 million
2017$300 million
2018$525 million
2019$735 million
2020$1.5 billion
2021$1.8 billion
2022$2.5 billion

Business Model

Impossible Foods’ business model revolves around the development and production of plant-based meat alternatives that closely mimic the taste, texture, and nutritional profile of traditional animal-based products.

The company achieves this through a combination of advanced food science, cutting-edge technology, and sustainable sourcing of ingredients.

By utilizing plant-based proteins, such as soy and potato, along with their proprietary ingredient called heme, which gives their products a meat-like flavor, Impossible Foods aims to provide consumers with a sustainable and ethical choice without compromising on taste or texture.

Estimated Valuation

YearValuation (USD)
2016$2 billion
2017$3.4 billion
2018$7.6 billion
2020$13.7 billion
2021$39 billion
2022$24 billion

Risk Factors

While Impossible Foods has achieved significant success, there are several risk factors that the company faces. One of the main challenges is competition from other players in the plant-based food industry.

As more companies enter the market, there is a risk of increased competition and potential saturation. Additionally, the company heavily relies on the availability and affordability of its key ingredients, which may be subject to market fluctuations and supply chain challenges.

Furthermore, regulatory changes and consumer preferences could also impact the demand for plant-based products, potentially affecting Impossible Foods’ market position.

Market Opportunity

Impossible Foods operates in a market with immense opportunity. As consumers become more conscious about their environmental footprint and seek healthier and sustainable food options, the demand for plant-based alternatives is rapidly growing.

The company aims to cater to a wide range of consumers, including vegetarians, vegans, and flexitarians, who are looking for plant-based options that do not compromise on taste or texture.

Moreover, Impossible Foods has the potential to tap into the mainstream market, targeting meat-eaters who are willing to reduce their consumption of animal products for health, ethical, or environmental reasons.

With the global market for plant-based foods on the rise, Impossible Foods is well-positioned to capture a significant share of this growing opportunity.


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