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London, England, United Kingdom

Industry: FinTech

Region: UK 🇬🇧

Founded: 2015

Expected Valuation: $33 billion

IPO Date: To be Determined

Revolut Ltd.

Key Company Facts

HeadquartersLondon, England, United Kingdom
IndustryFinancial Technology Services
FoundersNikolay Storonsky, Vlad Yatsenko
Number of employees2000+
Number of investorsNot disclosed
Total funding$2.14 Billion USD
Number of account holders16 million (as of 2023)
Valuation estimate$33 billion USD

Company Overview & History

Revolut is a leading financial technology company that provides a range of banking services. Founded in 2015 by Nikolay Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenko, Revolut launched with a vision to build a frictionless platform for managing and moving money around the globe.

Revolut offers a wide range of financial products, including a debit card, currency exchange, peer-to-peer payments, and more. The company has established a strong presence in Europe and has recently expanded to other markets like the US, Australia, and Singapore.

Financial Performance

Revolut’s performance has been impressive, with exponential growth in customer base and revenue. The company has managed to attract a significant number of users due to its innovative and user-friendly platform, coupled with a wide variety of services.


YearRevenue (USD)
2022$1 billion
2021$636 million
2020$261 million
2019$166 million
2018$58 million
2017$13 million
2016$2.3 million

Business Model

Revolut operates on a freemium model. Basic financial services are free, while premium services are provided at a cost. The services include foreign currency exchange, peer-to-peer payments, cryptocurrency trading, stock trading, and more.

Revolut makes money from interchange fees, subscription fees for premium services, and other fees for added features. The company’s value proposition lies in its ability to offer a wide array of services in one app, providing convenience to its users.

Estimated Valuation

YearEstimated Valuation (USD)
2022No Data
2021$33 billion
2020$5.5 billion
2019No Data
2018$1.7 billion
2017$0.54 billion

Risk Factors

Revolut, like any other fintech company, faces several risks. The regulatory landscape for financial services is complex and varies across countries. Compliance with these regulations is crucial and any lapse could lead to hefty penalties.

The company also faces stiff competition from both traditional banks and other fintech startups. Cybersecurity is another significant risk, given the sensitive financial data that Revolut handles.

Market Opportunity

The digital banking market is expected to grow significantly over the coming years. The demand for digital and convenient banking solutions is on the rise, and Revolut is well-positioned to tap into this demand.

The company’s expansion into other financial services like insurance and trading indicates its ambition to become a one-stop solution for financial needs, which presents a substantial market opportunity.


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