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Lattice Semiconductor

Lattice Semiconductor

Hillsboro, Oregon, United States

Industry: Technology/Semiconductors

Region: US 🇺🇸

Year Founded: 1983

IPO Date: 01-23-1989

Market Cap: $7.8 billion

Number of Employees: Approx. 1,000

Revenue: $427 million (2020)

Net Income: $67 million (2020)

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation IPO

Lattice Semiconductor went public on March 16, 1989.

The company’s initial public offering (IPO) marked a significant milestone in its history, enabling it to raise capital and expand its operations.

Since then, Lattice Semiconductor has continued to grow and establish itself as a prominent player in the semiconductor industry.

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation IPO Prospectus

A prospectus is a formal document required by and filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that provides details about an investment offering to the public. You can find Lattice Semiconductor Corporation’s Prospectus here.

Company Overview & History

Lattice Semiconductor is a leading provider of programmable logic devices and related software tools.

The company was founded in 1983 and has its headquarters in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA.

Lattice Semiconductor specializes in developing and manufacturing innovative FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) and CPLD (Complex Programmable Logic Device) solutions that enable customers to accelerate the design and implementation of electronic systems.

Throughout its history, Lattice Semiconductor has been at the forefront of technological advancements, consistently delivering industry-leading products and solutions.

The company has built a strong reputation for its commitment to customer success, quality, and reliability. Lattice Semiconductor serves a diverse range of industries, including communications, automotive, industrial, consumer electronics, and more.

Financial Performance

YearRevenue($B)Net Income($B)EBITDA($B)Operational Cash Flow($B)

Business Model

Lattice Semiconductor operates under a business model focused on providing customers with flexible and customizable solutions for their specific design needs.

The company offers a broad portfolio of FPGA and CPLD devices, along with software tools and IP (Intellectual Property) cores, which enable customers to design and implement highly efficient and innovative electronic systems.

By leveraging its expertise in programmable logic and design software, Lattice Semiconductor empowers customers to create differentiated products that address market demands quickly.

The company’s business model revolves around collaborating closely with customers, understanding their unique requirements, and delivering tailored solutions that help them achieve their design goals effectively.

Market Cap Over the Years

YearMarket Cap($B)

Risk Factors

Lattice Semiconductor operates in the semiconductor industry and, like any other company in this sector, faces several risk factors that could influence its business and financial performance.

The industry is highly competitive, with numerous established players and emerging startups, which exposes Lattice Semiconductor to the risk of intensified competition.

This competition could potentially affect the company’s market share, pricing power, and overall profitability.

Additionally, the semiconductor industry experiences rapid technological advancements, presenting both opportunities and risks for Lattice Semiconductor.

To remain competitive, the company must continually invest in research and development to stay at the forefront of technology and provide innovative solutions to customers.

Failing to keep up with these advancements could impact Lattice Semiconductor’s ability to compete effectively in the market.

Lattice Semiconductor’s business is also subject to macroeconomic factors, such as fluctuations in global economic conditions, currency exchange rates, and geopolitical events.

Changes in these factors can significantly influence customer demand, purchasing decisions, and the overall dynamics of the market.

Moreover, as the semiconductor industry relies on complex global supply chains, disruptions in the supply chain can have adverse effects on Lattice Semiconductor.

These disruptions may include component shortages, logistical challenges, or geopolitical tensions, all of which can hinder the company’s ability to deliver products to customers in a timely manner.

It’s important to recognize that the mentioned risk factors are not exhaustive, and there may be other factors that could potentially impact Lattice Semiconductor’s business and financial performance.

Market Opportunity

Lattice Semiconductor operates in a dynamic and expanding market with significant growth opportunities.

The increasing demand for advanced electronic systems, driven by trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and 5G connectivity, presents a substantial market opportunity for the company.

As industries across the board adopt digital transformation and seek more efficient and intelligent solutions, Lattice Semiconductor’s programmable logic devices play a crucial role.

These devices provide flexibility, configurability, and power efficiency, making them well-suited for a wide range of applications.

The company’s focus on delivering customizable solutions positions it to capitalize on emerging trends and changing customer needs.

By addressing the demand for high-performance and energy-efficient electronic systems, Lattice Semiconductor can tap into new market segments and expand its customer base.


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Key/Fun Company Facts

  • Lattice Semiconductor has a rich heritage in programmable logic technology, with over four decades of industry experience.
  • The company’s products have been widely adopted in various industries, including telecommunications, automotive, industrial automation, consumer electronics, and more.
  • Lattice Semiconductor has a global presence, with offices and design centers located in major technology hubs around the world.
  • The company actively supports and collaborates with universities and research institutions to foster innovation and drive advancements in the field of programmable logic.
  • Lattice Semiconductor is committed to corporate social responsibility, actively participating in initiatives related to environmental sustainability and community engagement.