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Kiryat Ono, Israel

Industry: Aerospace & Defense

Region: Israel 🇮🇱

Year Founded: 2014

IPO Date: 12-05-2023

Market Cap: $29.76 million

Number of Employees: Approx. 11

Revenue: $0.72 million (2021)

Net Income: -$0.57 million (2021)

ParaZero Technologies Ltd.

ParaZero IPO

ParaZero Technologies Ltd. had its Initial Public Offering (IPO) on May 12, 2023, on the NASDAQ exchange​​. The path to this IPO was not straightforward.

The company initially filed confidential IPO paperwork on March 11, 2022, and made its prospectus public on May 24, 2022. The original terms of the IPO were 2.53 million units at $5.20 to $7.20 to raise $15.69 million​.

However, the pricing date was delayed due to NASDAQ putting a hold on approving small-cap IPO listings in September 2022.

The company relaunched its IPO on November 28, 2022, with a pricing date set for December 15, 2022, and the same terms, but this deal was also postponed​​.

Eventually, as of its F-1/A filing dated March 23, 2023, the company decided to change its IPO to a stock-only offering, aiming to raise $9.75 million by selling 1.95 million shares at $4.00 to $6.00​​.

Additionally, ParaZero has registered an aggregate of 4,001,423 Ordinary Shares for resale by certain shareholders, known as the Selling Shareholders, at an assumed public offering price of $5.00 per share.

Company Overview & History

ParaZero Drone Safety Solutions was founded in 2014 in Be’er Sheva, Israel.

The founders, a group of aviation professionals and veteran drone operators, aimed to solve the primary challenge of the drone industry - safety. ParaZero’s vision is to use its SafeAir drone safety technology to unlock the full potential of the commercial UAS (uncrewed aircraft systems) industry.

This is achieved by enhancing operational safety, mitigating risk, and enabling organizations to gain regulatory approvals for advanced UAS use cases, including drone delivery, operations over people, and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations.

The team includes Boaz Shetzer (CEO), Yuval Tovias (CFO), Oren Aviram (VP Sales), Yuval Gilad (Chief Product Officer), and Aaron Gabriel Gliner (Director of Business Development & Regulation).

Their backgrounds vary from electrical and computer engineering, finance, sales and marketing in aerospace industries, product management, and business administration with a concentration in supply chain management. Maj. Gen. (ret) James O. Poss is also a notable member of the advisory board, bringing his experience in intelligence, unmanned aerial systems, and cyber operations.

Financial Performance

YearRevenue($B)Net Income($B)EBITDA($B)Operational Cash Flow($B)

Business Model

ParaZero Technologies operates on a business model centered around the design, manufacturing, and distribution of safety systems for commercial drones.

The company primarily generates revenue through the sale of its proprietary safety solutions to drone manufacturers, drone operators, and enterprises utilizing drones for their operations.

ParaZero offers a diverse range of safety products tailored to different drone platforms, sizes, and applications. These solutions are designed to automatically detect potential malfunctions or anomalies during drone flights and deploy mitigation measures to prevent accidents or damage.

The company’s safety systems include parachutes, ballistic recovery systems, and other intelligent mechanisms that enable drones to land safely in emergency situations.

In addition to hardware solutions, ParaZero Technologies also provides software integration and support services to ensure seamless integration of its safety systems into existing drone platforms.

This approach allows drone manufacturers to enhance the safety features of their products and comply with regulatory requirements, ultimately increasing the market appeal and reliability of their drones.

To reach its target customers, ParaZero utilizes a combination of direct sales, partnerships with drone manufacturers, and collaborations with industry distributors.

The company maintains a strong presence in key markets and actively engages with regulatory bodies and industry associations to shape safety standards and regulations governing the use of drones.

Overall, ParaZero Technologies aims to establish itself as a global leader in drone safety solutions, catering to the growing demand for reliable and compliant drone operations across various industries.

Market Cap Over the Years

YearMarket Cap($M)

Risk Factors

As with any business, ParaZero Technologies faces certain risk factors that could impact its operations and financial performance.

It’s important to consider these risks before making any investment decisions or evaluating the company’s prospects. Some potential risk factors for ParaZero Technologies include:

  • Regulatory challenges: The company operates in a highly regulated industry, and changes in regulations or failure to comply with existing regulations could hinder its ability to develop, market, and sell its products.

  • Competitive landscape: ParaZero Technologies faces competition from established players as well as emerging startups in the drone safety and compliance market. The company must continue to innovate and differentiate itself to maintain its market position.

  • Technological advancements: The technology landscape is constantly evolving, and ParaZero Technologies must stay at the forefront of technological advancements to remain competitive. Failure to adapt or anticipate changes in technology could impact its product offerings.

  • Intellectual property protection: The company’s success relies on its ability to protect its intellectual property rights. Unauthorized use or infringement of its patents, trademarks, or other intellectual property could negatively impact its business and market position.

  • Economic conditions: Fluctuations in the global economy can affect consumer spending patterns and demand for ParaZero Technologies’ products. Economic downturns or recessions could lead to reduced sales or delayed adoption of its solutions.

Market Opportunity

ParaZero Technologies operates in the growing market of drone safety and compliance. The increasing adoption of drones across various industries, including agriculture, construction, logistics, and media, presents a significant market opportunity for the company. Key factors driving the market’s growth include:

  • Regulatory compliance: Governments around the world are implementing regulations to ensure the safe and responsible use of drones. This creates a demand for drone safety and compliance solutions, which ParaZero Technologies specializes in.

  • Safety concerns: As drones become more prevalent, there is a growing emphasis on mitigating the risks associated with their operation. ParaZero Technologies provides innovative safety solutions, such as parachute systems and collision avoidance technology, addressing these concerns.

  • Industry-specific applications: Drones are being utilized for a wide range of applications across industries. For example, in agriculture, drones are used for crop monitoring and precision spraying. In construction, they assist with surveying and monitoring project progress. ParaZero Technologies caters to these diverse industry needs, positioning itself to capitalize on the market opportunity.

  • Technological advancements: The continuous advancement of drone technology opens up new possibilities for their use in various sectors. As drones become more capable and versatile, the demand for complementary safety and compliance solutions provided by ParaZero Technologies is expected to increase.

Overall, ParaZero Technologies operates in a market with substantial growth potential, driven by regulatory changes, safety concerns, industry-specific applications, and technological advancements.


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Key/Fun Company Facts

  • ParaZero is a leading company in autonomous drone safety technology and has designed solutions that comply with future regulation enabling safe flight operations over populated areas and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS)​​.
  • The company has been granted 125 FAA waivers for flight over people, demonstrating their commitment to safety and regulatory compliance​​.
  • In partnership with insurance companies and Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty, ParaZero offers competitive rates for drone insurance, providing peace of mind for drone operators​​.
  • ParaZero’s SafeAir system is trusted by various organizations and is the number one safety system on the market for commercial drones. It protects bystanders on the ground, prevents loss of payload, and safeguards drone equipment by ensuring a safe landing​​.
  • The company has partnerships with various other companies and has been involved in numerous projects, such as enabling first drone flights over densely populated areas authorized by the Dutch Transport Regulator, developing custom recovery safety systems for Jetson ONE, and providing parachute recovery systems for Bon V Heavy Lift Cargo Drones​​.